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looking for a running, public Rendezvous Peer

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Joined: 2009-08-11

Hi All

Does anyone know of a public rendezvous, a development one or other, to which I can try and connect to see if a problem I am having is with my rendezvous or my client configuration ?

the problem:

I am trying to connect to my rendezous peer from behind a firewall and fail. an initial connection to the rendezvous peer is made (seen on log)
but the "connectLease" message, going from the rendezvous to the client, does not reach the the client (probably blocked by the firewall, since when not behind it, a full connection is made)

Best Regards,


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Joined: 2009-08-02

The default jxta rendezvous specified on the following xml list: do not unfortunately ever seem to be online.

Does any one know whether this list has a owner?

The fact this list is not maintained is inconvenient to new comers to JXTA such as my self who expect networkManager.setUseDefaultSeeds( true ) to work.

My intention is to put up one or more public rendezvous soon so that we do not have this hassle any more. I will then reply to this thread and the many similar ones that keep appearing all the time with the URIs of the rendezvous once I have put them up.

Does any one know who the owner of list is so that we can update it? Alternatively I will create my own list and publish that instead.