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[BD-J-DEV] Masking Pause/Play UserOp

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Hi there,

I am looking for a way to completely control Pause/Play UserOps through BD-J.

While "Pause On" can be masked in the playlist file somhow "Pause Off"
cannot. This way users are always allowed to resume a paused video by
pressing Pause or Play buttons.
The BD spec mentiones "Pause Off" but why the bit setting is reserved
for future use only is a mystery to me.

Any ideas how I could gain control over the "Pause Off" function?

Thank you!

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Hi Gunnar,
Set your Title into Interactive mode instead of Movie mode. Add the keys your interested in, into the BDJO file section that deals with 'Use Key Event' (Play, Pause etc).
In your BDJ code add the keys to your UserEventRepository eg:


then in your UserEventListener add them again (as you normally would for the popup menu key):

switch (userEvent.getCode())
case HRcEvent.VK_PLAY:
DEBUG("Play button pressed");

case HRcEvent.VK_PAUSE:
DEBUG("Pause button pressed");


This will now give you complete control of Play and Pause. From now on, you must control what happens when these keys are pressed.

Gunnar Adler

Thank you! I totally forgot about the interactive mode.
There is no timecode display but I guess I can live with this.

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