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JXTA Reliable Multicast Service

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I have some problems with my net.

What is the protocol used for multicast behind the scene, in JXTA 2.5 or 2.6 :

Tree-Based Reliable Multicast (TRAM) or Light-Weight Reliable Multicast Protocol (LRMP) or another ...

how does it work ?


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Joined: 2008-12-03

Thank you all for the reply.

I am developing for my company, a distributed application, over the Internet and I need [b]reliable connectivity [/b]:

[b]Reliability one-to-group and one-to-one over the Internet. [/b]

I found this link to JRMS : Java Reliable Multicast Service, but find a good tutorial only.

And i found this : Reliable Multicast Communication, not try yet, but seems very interesting

I am looking for reliability in JXTA over "TCP reliable unicast protocol"

Best regards

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There is no reliable multicast service in JXTA.

However, if you know of a TRAM or LRMP implementation in JAVA I am sure it can be quickly ported into JXTA. I would even do it since would probably find useful.

However, my thirty second search did not turn up an implementation.

And to be clear what we would do in JXTA is put the TRAM on top of JXTA multicast pipes.

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Don't know if it's still available but JSDT had TRAM and LRMP options