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New UML/Mind Map Modeling Tool for Agile Software Development

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October 21, 2009

Change Vision Launches New UML/Mind Map Modeling Tool for Agile Software Development

TOKYO, JAPAN. - Oct. 21, 2009 - Change Vision, Inc. today announces that "JUDE", Change Vision's major-product-for-10-years UML/Mind map tool, will be changing its name to "astah*" and released on October 19th, 2009 with new features in an aggressively cost-effective product line-up.
As Agile software development projects increase, there is more demand for easy-to-use sketching and modeling tools for developers in the project teams. astah*'s motivation is to provide developers worldwide with an easy-to-use sketching and modeling tool for drawing diagrams such as UML, ERD, DFD and Mind Map without too-much-cost-burden on the team.
Change Vision has already been licensed over 350,000 users worldwide.

On the released of astah*, Change Vision (1) introduces new editions, "astah* UML" and "astah* share", and also (2) presents a great reduced-price offer for easy introduction to the development teams.
(1) "astah* UML" is a lightweight edition of "astah* professional" (full featured edition), but provides powerful supports for complete UML modeling integrated with Mind Mapping features for "$50 per year" including full support service. "astah* share" is a web-based communication server edition that loads astah* diagrams so that developers, testers, analysts and managers can share the diagrams via Web browsers and exchange comments to them like social networking services.
(2) We have a reduced-price offer as follows until March 31st, 2010.
- astah* UML Timed license - $ 40
- astah* professional Support renewal license - $ 60
(For users who already have JUDE/Professional user license)
- astah* share Server license - $ 500

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