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How can I check Player Network Connection and/or IP Address?

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Hello all you BD-Live specialists.

I'm doing my first Networkapp and wonder how I can reliebly check, if the player is able to connect to a network and if it is connected.

There are System properties like profile.1 =YES profile 2 = YES ... Somehow it seems that not every player returns the right thing. Some don't set these Parameters. Is there a tested way to go?

And if the player is profile 2, can I find out, if it is connected? Of course I could just send an HTTP Request to my website, but for my Application I don't need Internet Connection, Home Network would be enough.

I tried to check for my IP Adress but here's the next problem: Most players just return although I do have a valid adress. How can I get my "real" IP.

Thanks a lot

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I have written a multi-connection HTTP system for BD-J and, as I recollect, my experience was that it is not possible to get your IP across players. It's possible that you could take advantage of a remote server that could tell you your IP, however. :) That doesn't sound like it fits your use case though.

Someone please correct me if I am misremembering.


Joined: 2008-10-01

thanks for the (depressing) answer :)
the remote server can be a good idea for a different project, but here I need the network internal IP.

how did you check, if your players were connected? also by sending a request to an external server?