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phoneME Advanced and JNI -- licensing

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I would like to point to the issue whether the current phoneME advanced GPL license forbids using JNI without making the coding GPL licensed.

There has been a very interesting thread "OpenJDK and JNI -- licensing"
on the openjdk mailing list (see )

One point was that compiling against openJDK's jni.h is ok because the
file includes the "GPL with classpath exception".
-> But phoneME Advanced jni.h does not include the classpath exception.
So could Sun please clarify if native code running on the phoneME VM
is allowed without attaching GPL to the code?

Next point is that the phoneME Java library (f.i. the foundation profile) does
not include the classpath exception.
-> Does this mean that non-GPL Java coding must NOT be executed on that VM?

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Hi martinstrassburger,

My (non lawyer) understanding is that the pMEA license forbids distributing non-GPL compliant JNI/java code with phoneME.


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IANAL, but also note that distributing and executing applications are two different

Have a look at this thread (near the end) where Terrence provides some clarification: