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No graphics/video in Vidiom Vision Workbench

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I have tried so many things, but cannot get the video/graphics to work when starting up Vidiom Systems Tools - Vision Workbench. Many of my co-workers have this operating, but no luck here. I can hear the sound of the canned files, and the remote seems to have actions, if I look at the trace. I have compared their system settings, env variables, and XAIT files. Here is my latest find.,, I am comparing my trace file to a system where all is well. It does not appear to be Loading com.vidiom.impl manager (See details below). This is the output that the system working provides.

1547 [System-1] INFO appstorage.AppStorageImpl - Loaded: com.vidiom.impl.manager.appstorage.AppStorageImpl$Api@ace[lock=0,dir=/syscwd/persistent/app/49,com.vidiom.impl.manager.appstorage.StorageEntry@ac8[31:key=ecr-services:1,valid=true,size=162333,pri=11,auth=true,c=Thu Oct 15 17:41:13 EDT 2009,m=Thu Oct 15 17:41:17 EDT 2009,]]

My trace is missing this output. Any help would be appreciated.

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Please note that the VISION Workbench tools in the RI project are no longer supported.

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This trace is specific to the device (PC) and what application persistent data it is storing.

Looks like your device may not have these persistent application settings.
Or that you are not running the application that has stored these settings, in the first place.

Assuming your are trying to run the same apps as your co-workers,
You could try copying the content of syscwd/persistent/apps from the working device to yours?