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GPL license for Hotspot VM forbid non-GPL JNI coding?

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Hi JDK team leads,

I would like to address the following license issue in the case
a non-GPL application wants to use the openjdk implementation.

The openjdk project provides the Hotspot Java VM with GPL v2 license
and the JDK with GPL v2 + Classpath exception, so that it is possible
to run a Java program which is non-GPL licensed.
(Why do you need the Classpath exception)

The Java runtime can be started per 'java' executable or by
Java native interface call JNI_CreateJavaVM().
The Hotspot Java VM license is GPL v2 (not LGPL or extended with something like
classpath exception).

Hence is it intended that all programs starting the Hotspot Java runtime
per JNI call must be released with GPL license?
Does this also mean that JNI coding can not be used without GPL license?
Because all this links the VM library dynamically?

I assume, that the GPL license for the Hotspot VM was chosen because
VM extensions should be available for everyone.

I assume, that the intension is not to make the JNI interface unuseable
for non-GPL applications.

Could you please clarify?

Best regards,
Martin Strassburger