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Installation failes on PhoneME

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Joined: 2009-09-28

I have build one MIDlet on J2ME. I need to run it on Windows Mobile OS. hence i m using phoneME feature on my PDA to install and run midlet. When i try to install untrusted build of the MIDlet, it is getting installed properly and is working fine. As i have to do file read and write hence it prompts so many permission messages while running.

To avoid this issue, i have generated a self signed PKCS certificate for the applciation and signed the MIDlet with certificate. As process, i am installing have installed certificates in my PDA. it have one root certificate and one intermediate certificate.

now when i install signed Midlet, it gives error message and terminates:

"MIDlet.Jad Can not be installed. The system does recognize who is trying to authorize the application. Contact your service provider to correct the situation."

However, i tested same signed midlet and certificates on my HTC mobile where i m using INtent Midlet Manager instead of phoneME feature and it installed perfectly.

Can somebody help me on this as i need to install this applciation on my HP iPAQ 111. Intent Midlet Manager or JBed nothing is working on iPAQ. Only working runtime is phoneME.

Please advice what i should do to correct the issue. I downloaded phoneME feature CAB file from one of websites.

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Joined: 2007-01-03

phoneME Feature has its own keystore in a file called _main.ks. It does not use the
certificates of the Windows Mobile OS like maybe the INtent Midlet Manager does.
Perhaps that could be the reason.

I have included the certificates on my linux system into the keystore of my phoneME
Feature builds. I first import them with the JavaSE keytool utility into
$HOME/.keystore and then import the certificates into the phoneME Feature keystore
appdb/_main.ks with the MEKeyTool.jar tool.

I have succesfully installed signed midlets. Perhaps you need to import your
certificates with the MEKeyTool.jar tool as well.