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Import problems when update JXTA 2.1.1 with JXTA 2.4.1

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Hey All,

When I tried to run a legacy application which was developed several years ago based on JDK1.4 and JXTA 2.1.1, it could be activated in the console with JRE1.6. In the basic panel of JXTA Platform Configuration, after I filled some information to set up proxy server and clicked OK button, I got an error with a message of “There was a problem with JXTA security configuration. Delete '.jxta/pse' folder”.

I thought there must be something broken in this legacy application. So, I tried to use Eclipse 3.3.2 (jre1.6) to re-compile source code of the application again with original JXTA 2.1.1 and succeed. However, when I tried to run it, I got the same problem.

Considering that the problem may be due to the old JXTA version, I tried to replace the original JXTA 2.1.1 with JXTA 2.4.1, this time, when I re-compiled, I got many compile errors because some import can not be resolved from JXTA 2.4.1.

I am newbie to JXTA. Could someone instruct me how to deal with the run problem and compile errors, and where I can get some references of class inherited relation between different versions of JXTA.

Anyone able to help a beginner out?

Much appreciated.

Thanks in advance,


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The main error imports are following:
import net.jxta.impl.config.Config;
import net.jxta.impl.endpoint.tls.JTlsUtil;
import net.jxta.impl.endpoint.tls.TlsConfig;
import net.jxta.impl.util.Base64;
import net.jxta.util.config.*;

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You might give some debug info on the compile errors when upgrading to 2.4.1 (which is the path that I would suggest you take). I'm not sure about the error, but JXTA has always (needed to) work with third party encryption libraries that need are restricted to specific JVMs. As a result, there is a chance, for instance when running in Eclipse/Equinox, that your application is running in its own JVM while the encryption does not allow this.
You might want to try to run your application in a very simple JAVA application development environment that only runs the standard JVM

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upgrade and port to JXTA 2.5.x. It should be fairly straight forward to do, using the tutorials included in the project as a guide.