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VFSManager state not getting changed after requestUpdating

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I am facing some issues with the requestUpdating function of the VFS Manager.
Once I download the bumf.xml file and the bumf.sf(signature file) from the server to the local storage , I call the requestUpdating function of the VFSManager. The call is not returning any exceptions. But if I call the VFSManager.getState function after the requestUpdating call, the value it returns says it is in STABLE state. It means the state is not changing from STABLE to PREPARING/PREPARED after requestUpdating.

Could any one please help in this reagrd?

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Joined: 2010-05-19

Hi nisapanicker,

Did you solve the issue that you mentioned above. If yes please help me.

i'm new to BD-J developement. I have also done an application that will read the clips from the server and play. Now i have succeeded in enabling and playing the clips by using vfs.jar that are in the disc as told in the progressive playlist.

Now i need to play the clips from the server. When i do that vfs manager throwing the PreaparingFailedException during vfs updation. Now i dont know what to do, whether to download the manifest.xml and manifest.sf from server and do vfs update OR download the bumf.xml and bumf.sf from server for vfs updation.

Now my question is, what are the files we need to have when we do VFS updation by calling requestUpdating method. (manifest or bumf). And another doubt is, can we download the subsequent clips from the server when the current clip is playing. Please help me. I have searched so many threads. But i could able to solve the issue.

Even a small hint will be appriciated. And sorry for my bad english. Waiting for anyone's response.

Thank you