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Problem receiving UDP packets on ME application

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I am developing my first ME app, so obvious mistakes are very likely!

I have a server app that broadcasts UDP on a custom port. This is received by a client Java SE app and works well. I am trying to replicate this client on ME.

The app works perfectly in the emulator, but when I try to deploy it on an LG GT505 phone, it allows a connection to be opened, but then never receives the packet.

I have ascertained that the GT505 has implemented UDP. The phone is on the network - I can ping it from the server workstation and the phone can access emails on a local server.

I think the problem may be something to do with how the app is signed (or rather it isn't) and what capabilities are set as required.

It may be something to do with the fact that I am preparing the app on Netbeans 6.7.1 on x86_64 (so no emulation within netbeans is possible). I then run it using the emulator in Sun's java WT 2.5.2 emulator on a separate 32 bit machine. The jad/jar combo is then downloaded to the phone.

I am not sure that the environment I am trying to set in netbeans is being honoured in the emulator and/or the phone.

My Windows XP box is breathing its last and I can't the LG dev kit or the V3 Java SDK to work on it, so no possibility of verifying it via this route.

Any suggestions gratefully received.


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