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Java classes included in build

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Joined: 2009-04-23

I am writing a new Testsuite for an internal API and unfortunately the Java classes gets built in to the testmidlet.

As our phones does not accept this it throws an Authorization exception.
Is there any way to verify the code but not include the classes in the build

This is possible for "normal" Netbeans project


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Joined: 2007-11-14

Hi Björn,

Please clarify what do you mean by "Java classes gets built into test midlet"?
TestMidlet in JDTF is composed from
- classes of your test, its required classes and resources
- classes from extra libraries (optional), if you explicitly identified them (see reply from Marc)
- and classes of the Agent that runs your test on the device and communicates with the server.

What kind of extra classes do you see in your test bundle?


Joined: 2007-12-06

Hi Björn,
in the original post you said "... this is possible in "normal" NetBeans projects".
Can you please explain in more detail what do you mean?

Joined: 2009-07-02

Hi Björn,

I'm not sure if I have understood your problem completely, but I'll give it a try, maybe I can help ;)

So you have created your own API and want to build a testcase against it, or do you want to write tests against existing JSRs? In any case, you might have read my post about references ( ), where Ivan explained how to reference jar libraries for compilation. That way, no class files should be included into the build.

However, if you are testing your own API, I don't see how not having those class files in your package would help, because you need to reference your code somehow?