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How to add normal class into sbb?.......

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Am using ECLIPSLEE to create SBB..

I created deployed a sbb successfully into my mobicents..It works fine.

Now i want to add one java class to that sbb..At runtime the sbb want to call a method from the java class..

How to do that?

my build.xml, is i added newly to the Sbb..

After building Test.class created in the classes folder. But Test.class not included in User-sbb.jar..

How do i add that? is there any steps i need to do?

Waiting for reply..

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You don't include into the SBB directly, that is not possible.
You should wrap your class into a different package (jar file) which has to be in the "library" folder of your final Deployment Unit (DU).

For that, I created a sepparate ant task into my build.xml, called build-user-classes, which:
- compiles additional classes (like your
- creates the "library" dir
- creates a user-classes.jar containing the *.class files (i.e. Test.class)

After you run this task, you should have user-classes.jar, which contains also your Test.class. Test.class is then visible to all your SBBs.