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Why is m2ts progressive and not clpi?

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As I learn more about the clpi file, it seems that almost no two m2ts streams (or their chunks) would have the same clpi file. If that is correct, why would m2ts be progressive asset and not clpi? What is gained by having only m2ts progressive if that cannot be played without a matching clpi? What am I missing here?

Vinay Agarwal

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Joined: 2006-11-08

Hi Vinay,

I believe that the main benefit of a progressive playlist is that you don't need to be waiting until m2ts data, which is large, is fully downloaded to the disc. Once you have a description file (.clpi) then you can do the VFS update and start presenting new stream to the viewer as if all of the m2ts has fully arrived, even if the download is happening simultaneously as a background process. The mechanism isn't meant for enabling playback of random streams, as far as I understand...