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(help) ANT-compressing java3d jars with jar 200. How ?

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Joined: 2004-03-25

Hello java3D colleagues.
I am trying with no sucess to use jar200 algorythm to compress a bit more the java3D jars on my Internet site.
(objectif to minimise the user wait on the first lauch).
I just tryed to modify my ANT file but all I get is : "pack200 is undefined" ?

Here here how I do in the ANT file.

a bit as I have done successfully when I jared the file :

BUT to my surprise the pack200 word is not known. The message says :
"Element 'pack200' is undefined".

By the way I am using ANT inside the tool IDEA/intellij.

My understanding of ANT is I must say a bit light.
So please feel free to say even small things to help me..