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Problem with dynamically adding SeedRendezvous with RdvAdvertisement

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Joined: 2008-04-14

i tried hard to find a way to dynamically connect to a RendezvousPeer without adding it in the network configurator (networkConfigurator.addSeedRendezvous).
Even when the RdvAdvertisement is manually published (with remotePublish) the EdgePeer will not connect to the RdvPeer. I tried rendezVousService.connectToRendezVous(new EndpointAddress(RdvAdv.getPeerID().toURI())); - it doesn't help. In the javadoc for this deprecated function is a hint to RdvConfigAdv. This is a part of the jxse impl. Should i publish a new RdvConfigAdv-Object with the new seed locally?
Why are peers not automatically added to the SeedRendezvous-List in URISeedingManagers, when they (peers) publish a RdvAdvertisement or have a Rdv=true flag in their PeerAdvertisement's SVC tag? Especially in ADHOC Networks this would be useful.

Thanks for your time

BTW: I use JXSE 2.5 from the download section.

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Joined: 2007-01-31

Hi Christian,

You cannot dynamically add seeds to rdvadvertisements. In fact it is useless, because the config is read when the peergroup (and other objects) are created, after that, it is too late...

But if you DON'T set the useSeedOnly boolean in the config, you peers will progressively start to know about other RDV transitively if there is proper connectivity in the network. I advise you to switch to 2.6 beta 2.