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Use of Java Quick Starter for custom speedup e.g. eclipse

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Java quick starter JQS is a useful feature to speed up the loading of java applications.
But it is configured only to speed up the loading of the jre runtime files.
Large java apps like eclipse have many other jar files and also DLLs. It would be helpful if JQS could also preload this files. Of course this must be configured locally for the app(s), which has to be speeded up.

In the jdk6 source download files I have found the file jqsagent.cpp, which seems to be used to profile java startups and to create configuration data for JQS. But I did not found an executable (presumably a dll).

Does anyone know from where I can get the complete/built profiler (maybe named jqsagent.dll ?) and if there is readme/manual or something, which describes how to use it.

I do not have access to the sources in subversion.