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Not having online.crt - is it a big problem?

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Our BD-ROM disc uses networking yet doesn't have online.crt and other relevant files, so the disc verifiers flag this as a warning. How serious an issue is it? I understand that according to BD-ROM 3-2 DD 4.1 Case 2 the player must prompt the user for approval before network access is granted. We can live with a user prompt if it happens once during disc loading, but it would certainly be quite onerous for our customers to agree to prompts for each individual application (we have many) or, what's worse, for each call to the networking API. Is anyone aware of the players that do such extensive prompting?

Also, Annex DD states that the disc may be made trusted and therefore prompt-free by setting the timestamp field of AACS Content Certificate to “Reserved”. We use Blu-Print, and it doesn't seem to allow specifying "Reserved" - just a date range. Does Scenarist or other authoring tools allow "Reserved", or is it generally considered insecure to allow?

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Hi Stan,

I believe case 2 says the player "may" prompt, not "must" prompt. Eiher way though, I've only ever seen a player prompt on disc insert and once the user says yes they are fine for the rest of that session. It's relevant to note that many players have a setting to "always allow" the network connection. The PS3 for example treats it as a global setting, the first disc you say yes to sets the always allow flag so it never asks again for any disc.

As far as the timestamp thing goes, I've not heard anything about that. The only way I know of to make a disc trusted and thus remove any prompting is to have a valid online.crt and online.sig on your disc.