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Java Runtime Engine version 6 update 16

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Joined: 2009-09-22

I am trying to install version 6 update 16 silently on Windows. The problem is that the installer doesnt appear to honor the silent installation command line arguments if there are currently files in use that the installer will be replacing.

Rather than honoring the request for the installation to be installed silently, a UI prompt appears telling the user...

The applications listed are currrently running and must be closed to allow the install to proceed.

Quit the applications listed(save your work before clicking retry)

where these are apps currently running the JRE.

So my question is why doesnt the installer do what it is supposed to do and simply install the Java update and return a 3010 exit code to denote that the installation wont be complete until a reboot is required (the files that were in use will be updated on reboot).

I certainly understand why this option is given in interactive mode to potentially prevent a reboot, however in silent mode, this completely breaks many software distribution solutions.

If there is some magic command line argument that will allow for this install to run WITHOUT ANY UI, please enlighten me. ;-)

If not, what are the possibilities of the installer being updated to support this?