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WebService deployment in Glassfish cluster: cannot find wsdl file

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Joined: 2009-06-11

I have an EJB exposing business logic as a webService.
I have deployed the webSercice successfully in Glassfish (cluster environment and local instance). The cluster is preceded by Apache acting as a proxy (http://appsdev/...)
I am able to test the webService pointing at Apache(http://appsdev, clusterInstance(s)(http://%instanceName%:38080) and the local instance(http://%instanceName%:8080/)
I am able to import the WSDL file using the different URLs (The current example is importing from http://appsdev/...)
I am able to deploy the client app/consumer (a web app deployed in the same cluster env and as a local instance).

When I access the client web app pointing to the localInstance (http://appsdev:8080/...) everything works beautifully.
When I try to access the cluster through the proxy (http://appsdev -> forwards to 38080) or using a cluster instance (http://%instanceName%:38080) I get a WebServiceException -> FileNotFoundException complaining that the WSDL file could not be located.

The cluster instance is trying to look for the wsdl file in:

The actual location of the wsdl file is:

Any suggestions?, recommendations?