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This project has been INACTIVE (PRACTICALLY DEAD) since late 2006

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Joined: 2003-07-22

This project has been INACTIVE (PRACTICALLY DEAD) since late 2006.

As the originator of the project, I hate to announce this, but sadly it is true...

In order to avoid any false expectation, I decided to make this clear here. I'm really sorry to the folks who have contributed to the project, and to those who expected to see this project growing...

Please accept my sincere apology that I couldn't handle the project successfully towards a real desktop environment which we can use daily.

However, I'm proud of the LG3D developers and supporters how much influence we left.

See Apple OS X Leopard's dock:
Window flipping for configuration of an app (vs the way how the user config OS X's gadgets).

The MSFT's one of code names of Windows XP's was "Aero Glass" ;-) I THINK they had some influence from LG3D's glassy look and translucency usage. Before we show LG3D, at least to me, all the XP's screen shots of Aero didn't show any usage of translucency. I hadn't heard the code name of "Aero Glass". Maybe I'm just falsely making proud of LG3D here, but I BELIEVE we left some influences.

Note that we started this development at back in Jun, 2004. The initial demo was shown back in 2003!

Please check out the demo movie clip at the very bottom of the following page (please skip to 1:50 , sorry John ;-)

Also, please check up "Screen Shot Gallery" at the very bottom too. You can see LG3D enabling configuration of Mozilla on the back side of the browser window :-)

So, again, I feel terrible about this announcement, but I do proud of the LG3D friends and lovers whom this community has gathered!

Thank you again, and hope to see you folks somewhere else and to work together to achieve something very special! (next time successfully!)

Thanks for reading this longy message.

Best Wishes,

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Joined: 2003-07-22

Critical typo! "Win XP" should have been "Vista".

I'm still using Win XP, so my brain got confused ;-)

Please check out the announcement that has the same title.
I fixed other typos and mistakes.