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JDK 6u18 b02 doesnt fix bug 6783619 as it says in the Rel. Notes (nor b01)

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I read in JDK6u18b02 that bug id 6783619 at java_plugin:plugin2 has been fixed.

The bug description is: showDocument calls result in the new browser window opening behind the current top window.

I have tested it using b01 and b02 and the problem is still there

Comments have been addded to bug: 6783619 also and there are code samples to test and reproduce in duplicate bugs: 6776124 and 6780276.

Please, don't consider this bug closed yet for u18 and later

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Hi Aef,

The test for 6783619 confirms that the bug is fixed in 6u18. The other two that you list are not fixed. While the subjects are similar the test case and the specific steps to reproduce differ.

Thank you,

Joined: 2008-11-21

Hi Roger,

With the public information related with bug 6783619 (a lest in the bug database) i dont find any differences with bugs 6776124 and 6780276, and the only test cases available are the ones of those bug reports.

Maybe there are other test cases that you are referring too? Are those test cases available somewhere? If not, can they be sent to my email (i really want o get involved in this, as i really need this to be fixed)?

On the other hand examining the bug public descriptions i don't see any differences, bug number 6783619 says:
"showDocument calls result in the new browser window opening behind the current top window." and "New browser is sent to background instead of foreground where it is expected "

And bugs 6776124 and 6780276 talks about an applet that calls showDocument using java/js bridge to open a new browser window, and that new browser window is shown at the back instead of the top. I don't see any difference...

Where is the difference? Maybe there is some more non-public info related to this bug?

Thanks a lot