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Shortcut causes crash at cvm.exe on Windows Mobile

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Joined: 2009-09-16

Hi @ all,

first post, first issue :-) I played a little bit with the phoneME VM at Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional (build 20270.1.3.1) on a Samsung SGH-i900. I used the dual stack package from the page (current b129 and b130 version). I unzipped the archive and installed a simple game (, Turbo Worm with a MIDP 2 profile).

The directory structure looks like this:
- TurboWormMidp2.lnk:
-> Content: 01#" \phoneme\foundation\bin\cvm.exe" -Xopt:useConsole=false -f " \phoneme\foundation\TurboWormMidp2.txt"
- TurboWormMidp2.jad
- TurboWormMidp2.jar
- TurboWormMidp2.txt
-> Conetent: -Xmx2m -Dmicroedition.profiles=MIDP-2.1 "-Dsun.boot.class.path=\phoneme\foundation\lib\" "-Dsun.midp.home.path= \phoneme\foundation\midp\midp_wince" sun.misc.MIDPLauncher -midppath "\phoneme\foundation\midp\midp_wince\classes" -jadpath "\phoneme\foundation\TurboWormMidp2.jad" -suitepath "\phoneme\foundation\TurboWormMidp2.jar" -1
- All other stuff from the zip-package

Now my problem appears. If I do a click on the shortcut in the same directory over Windows Explorer all works fine. If I move the shortcut to the startmenu of Windows (\Windows\Startmenu\) and run it over the startmenu, the cvm.exe crashes and Windows want to send an error report