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Help getting a Variable to not cache. Need to reset the variable.

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I have created a Portlet using RAD 7.
It is a pretty basic Portlet, Admin enters a
users name into an INPUT text box, hits SUBMIT,
and a variable is returned based on the users name.

I have everything working correctly except the variable is
caching when it retrieves the variable as YES.
I am using a sessionbean to call to a java class that has a webservice
in it.

I tried setting String to "" before Method is called, didn't work.
I tried added if Varible "correct" = yes, else = no. Didn't work.

I enter a name that retrieves no and it outputs no, which is good.
Then I enter a name that retrieves yes and outputs yes, again good.

Problem lies when I enter the name again that retrieved no, the output stays set at yes.
Any name inputted after that sets to yes.

I know this example may seem confusing but any information would be helpful.

Thank You.