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Question about applying changed patches from Davy Preuveneers

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Joined: 2009-02-13

I noticed a thread about turning off the console and this lead me back to Davy Preuveneers website where I noticed that the patch files for phoneME Advanced have had several changes since I first built my phoneME cvm. I would like to implement the noConsole change but wanted to know if I need to refresh my phoneME repository and apply all of the patches. I'm relatively new to all of this and it took me months to finally get a build in my environment, and it works great, but the console is annoying. I'm way behind on a proof of concept project and don't want to get too sidetracked, but it will not look good when I show this to my end users I have the console window coming up every time in front of the application. I'm not 100% sure I know which build version I have but I download the source using svn on 2/27/2009 and I see this at the end of my log file "Checked out revision 17083". I'm just looking for pointers on managing upgrades to the phoneME project and tools like Davy's patches. Oh, and I am building CDC for win32 ARM and running on a Symbol MC70. Have hit many roadblocks, but so far so good.