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BD authoring SDK, API or scriptable authoring software

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Hello, everyone!

I am sorry if I am slightly or severely off topic here, as this isn't necessarily a Java question. I have been searching for some software for such a long time now, and I was hoping someone here would perhaps have heard of something and have a clue or even experience to share.

I have some recordings in HD format and want to place these on Blu-Ray discs compatible with standard Blu-Ray players. From what I can find out, BD-J is great for making components (optionally with all kinds of advanced features), but not enough to author a BD on it's own, and need the BDMV / HDMV structure to dwell in.

Is there anything out there such as either

a) a programming interface (i.e. API) to be able to burn the necessary files to a BD, with a simple menu system so that viewer can click on events in a list, where each event is linked its own video clip


b) a standard Authoring/burning program which can be scripted, so that we can build the script file and load it into the program, which then in turn burns the BD