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I've written a whiteboard application which uses Java2D and Swing heavily. Not that impressive I hear you say. Well, true, but it is designed with the Wiimote in mind and as far as I am aware is the only decent Java whiteboard available for use with the Wiimote.

It's been accepted by and being a Java enthusiast and a Wiimote enthusiast I wanted to drum up some interest in it.

I am going to add a post to the Java 2D Forums too as it uses Java Swing a lot. What I want from you guys is some help trying to get it to perform/behave better. Particularly regarding drawing with the mouse. It seems to be quite hard to get smooth curves using the mouse to draw free hand. Is there a limit to detection in mouse movements. If you move the mouse really quickly you end up with mouse move points only being detected with big gaps between moves so you end up with a polygon rather than a curve. Any ideas?

By the way it's free. I don't charge for it and if anyone wants enhancements I usually get on to it straight away.

It's the first software I am aware of that really thinks about what you want from a whiteboard. Very simple and powerful at the same time. It is also designed with the wiimote and IR pen in mind. i.e. No right clicks, double clicks or keyboard are required. It just gives you a very good electronic whiteboard. It's also written in Java so is cross platform Mac/Windows.

I have uploaded it for free on wiimoteproject.

See a quick description at:
The software can be downloaded at.;sa=view;id=26

I have only had the software uploaded to the site and have already had a lot of downloads and enquiries from people who like it.

Give me a shout if you want any more info or even better, try it out and let other people know about it. Then ask me to fix defects/add new features. I will probably end up needing some help with this if anyone is interested.

PS You can use it without the Wiimote if you really want to. Just use a mouse.


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Hi, Gary

I'm working in something similar.
Do you still want to exchange some ideas?