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ME Framework 1.2.2 Released

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Joined: 2004-11-16

Hi everybody,

We are happy to announce the release of ME Framework 1.2.2.

The ME Framework 1.2.2 release is now available on the download page:

This release went through an extensive QA cycle and is ready to be used for test suite development.

The 1.2.2 release includes the following new features and improvements:
* Support for JavaTest/JTHarness version 4.x
* New functionality that enables you to execute distributed test
in CLDC mode
* Fixes for a number of important bugs

For details, see the release notes:


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Let's go for a test !

Joined: 2004-11-16

> Let's go for a test !


And, in case of any issues, feel free to file bugs in our issue tracker, that will make us prioritize things better:

for "me-framework" component.