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CDC native thread safety on multi processor

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Joined: 2009-08-30

Hi every one.

I started to build and run the cdc JVM a few days ago and I have a few questions about thread safety in the native code. I found no previous thread on the forum about native threads.

With the linux-x86-generic configuration, cvm is linked with the
Under win32, native threads are created too.
The flag CVM_MP_SAFE enables or disables the ability to run on only one processor. If it's set to true, the cvm process is able to run on multiple processors.

- Is there any risk running a build done with CVM_MP_SAFE=true on a multi-processors host?

The project info tells that dual core are not supported under Linux or MacOSX: is it because the binary bundles are build with CVM_MP_SAFE=false or because of an issue?

L Lambert