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JSR172.jar from Sun JavaME SDK compatible with phoneME?

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One more problem. Is JSR172.jar compatible with phoneME for Windows CE 5.0 compiled by Dave? I myself can't build it, because I get:

Generating JSROP abstractions' proxy&agent classes...
...successfully finished
Compiling JSROP abstractions classes...
/home/dino/KUBISystems/phoneME/phoneME/abstractions/src/cdc_share/classes/com/sun/j2me/security/ package does not exist
/home/dino/KUBISystems/phoneME/phoneME/abstractions/src/cdc_share/classes/com/sun/j2me/security/ cannot resolve symbol
symbol : class SecurityToken
location: class
private SecurityToken securityToken;

And I cannot see my fault. Any help or ideas?

Best regards

Jacek Bilski

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Both my phoneME Feature and phoneME Advanced Dual Stack (i.e. with MIDP) builds include
this JSR. The plain CDC, Foundation and Personal Profile versions of the phoneME Advanced
stack do not.