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Running AGUI Xlet

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I'm struggling with running AGUI Xlet application on phoneME Advanced. I'm using Davy's ZIP on Windows CE 5.0 (Motorola MC3090). My problem is that theoretically everything is OK, no exceptions, no errors, no nulls, but all I get is two blank windows. I put validate() and repaint() in several places, but still nothing gets drawn.

Is there something I don't know? Maybe Davy's compilations doesn't support AGUI? Does anyone have a sample applications, that draws something ("Hello world" is perfectly OK) in AGUI Xlet and can share it? I'm a bit desperate already.

Best regards

Jacek Bilski

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Joined: 2007-01-03

I am not familiar with AGUI/JSR 209 and my builds do not include this library. If I am not
mistaken, the AGUI library is not open source either. Furthermore, if AGUI is more than just a
library (that you could just add to the classpath) and requires some hooks into the virtual
machine then it probably will work with my phoneME builds.

Perhaps some AGUI experts on this forum can help you.