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[Beginner] basic p2p over the internet example

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Joined: 2008-11-15

I'm just starting out looking into p2p for Java. I'm new to p2p. I've googled about a bit which all leads back here. So I'm presuming JXTA is *it*!

The website seems to have a lot of broken links and is *very* slow and I am struggling to find any basic examples. I have looked at the JXTA Java™ Standard Edition v2.5: Programmers Guide but felt that there must be a quicker way to get something working without having to read a 171 page manual first!

What I want to do is quite simple (I hope). I'm looking for a code example that allows one java applet peer to communicate with another java applet peer across the internet. There would be group of such peers all communicating with specific peers within the same group. The peer to peer pairs will change dynamically. If it makes a difference to JXTA, the applets are running in browsers and may be behind firewalls.

Could anyone point me to a useful place? Or better still, post a bit of code which will get me started.

Thanks for reading.

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Joined: 2008-11-15

Does the silence mean that I'm not asking a trivial question? Am I asking the wrong question in the wrong place?

Any tidbit of a response to put me on the right track would be very much appreciated.


Joined: 2009-08-20

I think you should have a look at begginers guid.
Event it has 171 pages most of it is a code . Only first 25 pages contains the concepts of jxta. If you already know the jxta concepts why not download jxta sample aplications present at jxta home page and get started quickly [ READ THE LICENCE FIRST BEFORE YOU USE IT IN YOUR APPLICATION ]