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Please review my fix for CR 6764057

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Javatest Harness 4.1.4 (reproducible in earlier versions as well).

1. Start the tool. Open WD.
2. Open Report/Create Report. Select "Custom" filter for report. Select a "Test1" that passed and "Test 2" that failed.
3. Create Javatest XML Report as report1.xml. It will contain Test1=passed + Test2=failed.
4. Now clear result for "Test 2". Repeat step 2.
5. Create Javatest XML Report as report2.xml. It will contain Test1=passed + Test2=not_run.
6. Open Tools/Report Converter. Select report1.xml and report2.xml as sources. Select "Always resolve conflicts using most recent result" on the next page.
7. Create joint merged_report.xml

merged_report.xml will contain Test1=passed + Test2=not_run: all taken from report2.xml. It means that "not_run" result overwrote "failed" result for "Test2".

This is not correct. "Not_run" (meaningless) results should never override "passed", "failed" and "error" (meaningful) results. By "merging" 2 reports together users wants to get a joint result with as many meaningful results as possible.

Now priority of not_run status is less then the others for MostRecentConfilctResolver
Please review my fix -



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Joined: 2006-10-18
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Reviewed. Must be working.
Please integrate.

Joined: 2006-10-18

Thanks, integrated