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Windows Mobile & -Xopt:useLargeMemoryArea=true with -Xmx64m

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Hinkmond Wong wrote:
> Hi,
> Is this a bug?
> We have a Java application that requires 128 MB RAM.
> Our PDA has 256 MB RAM.
> But we can not use the phoneMe Advanced JVM.

Hi yhilem,

Can you remind us what your command line looks like again?

Have you tried something like this yet?

cvm -Xopt:useLargeMemoryArea=true -Xms128m ...


cvm -Xopt:useLargeMemoryArea=true -Xms200m ...


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Joined: 2004-10-31

Hi Hinkmond,

the cvm doesn't start with
-Xopt:useLargeMemoryArea=true -Xms128m

it starts only for values lower than 32m for -Xms option, but like previous tests it throws OutOfMemoryException

Joined: 2007-01-03

Like it was mentioned in the posts above: it is a feature rather than a bug of the underlying
Windows CE 5 OS. Each slot in WinCE 5.x can only allocate 32MB of virtual memory. I have
not tested this this memory limiation, but it seems to have been addressed in Windows CE 6.

Note: Do not confuse version numbers of Windows CE and Windows Mobile. For example,
Windows Mobile 6.5 is still based on Windows CE 5.2.


Joined: 2007-01-03

It seems that the next Windows Phone 7 will be based on Windows CE 6.0, but at the moment it
appears that one will not be able to run native third party applications like the phoneME VMs (only
.Net, Silverlight and XNA apps).

I guess if we want to run a J2ME VM on Windows Phone 7, the VM will have to be ported to


Joined: 2004-10-31

The content of this thread has been greatly altered.
It does not reflect what it was before.
Thank you to restore the old content.

Best regards.