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cvm.exe security error on Windows CE 5.0

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I'm trying hard to run phoneME Advanced on Motorola (ex Symbol) MC3090R barcode scanner. I even compiled phoneME using instructions from

And here's something I probably miss. I got bin and lib directories, no CAB file or any installer. There's no mention of how to install phoneME on Windows CE. So I copied it onto terminal to \phoneme\personal, but when I try to run \phoneme\personal\bin\cvm.exe I get:
Fatal Application Error
A security error of unknown cause has been detected which has corrupted the program's internal state. The program cannot safely continue execution and must now be terminated.

I tried to install CABs from but with every one of those Windows said that it does not look like proper Windows CE CAB installer.

Can anyone has some clues about how solve my problem? I'll soon be out of ideas.

Best regards

Jacek Bilski

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Joined: 2007-01-03

I have had several people using my PhoneME builds on the Symbol barcode scanner.
Unfortunately, I don't have such a device so I can only test with a Windows CE 5 and 6
emulator and my builds appear to run fine in these emulators. I have no idea what is causing
the fatal application/security error.

The emulator images I have don't have a cab installer built in. Instead, I unpack one of the zip
archives into a folder on my Windows desktop, run the emulator and use a virtual storage card to
access this folder and run the program with my J2ME VM built for WinCE from the virtual storage
card. Perhaps you could try to do the same, and unpack the zip instead of using the cab
installer and try to see if you can reproduce the error.

I hope this helps.

PS: Creating the cab files is not part of the default build process. I have another script that takes
the zip as input and that converts it into a cab file.

Joined: 2008-12-20


Thanks, first signs are good, I was able to run cvm.exe, it just gave some output of how to call it and exited, but it's far better than my achievements. I haven't yet tried my application, I'll do that tomorrow, but I suppose it won't make any problems.

It's not perfect though, because I still don't understand why my build didn't work or what to do to make it. I analyzed CABs created by you (I guess) and I can't see there .000 file. I've read about it in documentation for pocketpc-cab package in my Ubuntu, but also in official MS documentation, and I was expecting to find it in the archive. I even tried to repack it with this .000 file created from .inf file, but you were faster with your answer.

Anyway, thanks for help.


Jacek Bilski