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BD-live and acTVila

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Joined: 2009-08-18

Hi, everyone!

My name is Eric and I work in a Japanese company who's about to invest on BD-live biz. But lately we found there was already acTVila system so that anyone can access to the internet and get to see the movie or news there.

Does anyone know the advantage of BD-live againest acTVila?
Is there anything that BD-live can do but acTVila can not?

Your attention and reply would be appreciated...

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Joined: 2009-08-18

have another question for acTVila,

According to the information from Mr. Billshepp, AcTVila is a Japan-only capability,
Is it because only Japanese network environment or television broadcasting standard is suitable for acTVila?
or as long as you own a Japanese TV with the function of acTVila, you can use the service of acTVila from everywhere?

Besides, the program to access to the internet is put into the TV device, right? Do you have any idea if this kind of program is suitable for only one or several type of television or all kinds of television?

Your attention and reply would be highly appreciated.

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Hi, Eric,

A few thoughts regarding AcTVila vs. BD-Live:

BD-Live is available on all network-connected Blu-ray players (which is currently more than 80% of all players, a number likely to rise since all but the most basic new players have network support. BD-Live is supported worldwide. To my knowledge AcTVila is a Japan-only capability, and is not available on all televisions. Therefore, I would expect the installed base of devices capable of supporting BD-Live to be much higher than that of AcTVila.

Also, BD-Live is based on a full Java platform, so a wide variety of local and network-based applications can be supported, including server applications such as a DLNA server. As I understand it AcTVila is primarly a browser-based interface to a netowrk portal, so would not be capable of as broad a range of applications.

Joined: 2009-08-18

Hi, Billshepp,

Thank you so much for your reply!
Very helpful!