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Password Protected Peer Group / Programmers Guide

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Joined: 2009-08-16

Is work being done on password protected peer groups? From looking at the Programmers Guide for 2.5, it seems a password protected peer group is somewhat of an afterthought; the code example in the Programmers Guide is extremely convoluted and has many problems (though most are arguably minor). For example, the method createPasswdMembershipPeerGroupModuleImplAdv(PeerGroup rootPeerGroup) appears to have the following issues (and these are just the ones I've noticed from a brief gloss over):

1) Use of deprecated class StdPeerGroupParamAdv (not really a problem, but worth mentioning)
2) StdPeerGroupParamAdv.getServices() returns a Map, not a Hashtable
3) local variable membershipServicesFound is set to true twice in the same code block
4) Use of MimeMediaType.XMLUTF which seems to not exist (should be XMLUTF8?)
5) Manual creation of URN string is wrong (missing a colon after "urn")

Are their any updates to the 2.5 code base or programmer's guide that I should take a look at? Both are dated 2007 and maybe there have been some advancements since then.

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Joined: 2009-08-02

I have found the smae problems with the the Programmers Guide. Probably the JXTA community needs some help in upgrading them - there is only so much time in the day! I am getting to grips with it. When I am a bit more expert I will help out.