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JavaFX Mobile 1.2 EA problem with FileConnection

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Joined: 2009-08-09

Hi there... found yesterday that sun has release JavaFX Mobile 1.2 Early Access for Windows Mobile... off course that i download JavaFX Mobile 1.2 EA and install it on my HTC running Windows Mobile 6.0...
Than, and of course i run one of my programs... works fine, except when i export some data from my RecordStore to a file in the Windows Mobile file system, the files on the system is not create, and no error is reported... strange that the same problem run flawless on phoneME... in JavaFX don't even asks if the KVM can access the file system... is that a bug? or do i doint something wrong?
Sorry to ask this here... i don't even know where to ask this!

thanks in advance

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Joined: 2007-11-15

I think there is a bug in the storage implementation of that build, but I cannot find the ID right now.

Bugs can be reported here (you need to create an account first):

Joined: 2009-08-09

if this is true, to bad... i found that the KVM with JavaFX was much better to use then phoneME...
Going to look for this bug in the repository...


Joined: 2009-02-13


A newbie silly queries, but a bit advice would be much helpfull

How JavaFX works with Derby Mobile Database ?

Can JavaFX be used instead of phoneME ?

We are currently chose below stacks,
Operating System: Windows Mobile (out of Android, PalmOS, Symbian)
Java Virtual Machine: phoneME (out of IBM J9, NSICOM CrEme)
Database: Derby (out of db4o, Window CE SQL, SQL Anywhere)
Development IDE: NetBeans or Eclipse

Can any JME application (developed with above technologies stacks) run in any handheld device which has Windows Mobile 6.0/6.1 ?

Thanks in advance.