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VOD support plans

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Joined: 2007-04-04

What are the plans for VOD support in the ocap-ri stack?

My understanding (which could be a misunderstanding) is service selection to a vod:// locator is possible. e.g. Manager.createPlayer(vod://provider/asset) should dynamically create a vod DataSource and then a video/mpeg Handler created to play the vod.
This does not currently seem to be supported.

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Joined: 2008-04-23

An external RI user has demonstrated VOD capability using the Comcast Aspen Guide application running in a headend enviroment that supports VOD. CableLabs does not have such VOD support at the moment, although we expect such support to become available in early 2010. We'll update this thread when that support has been put into place, and we have had a chance to validate generic VOD capability within the RI.

Joined: 2009-02-25

Has there been any update on this?

Would it be possible to use VLC's VLM as a VOD server, maybe by an underlying mapping of the vod:// locator to the rtsp:// url?

Joined: 2008-07-03

There are no plans at this time to add VOD support to our PC Platform. Our only goal is to validate that the RI stack allows MSO guide applications to play VOD assets when connected to a real headend using our in-house BOCR test device. Several months ago, we were able to play a VOD asset on the RI. However, we are having some issues with our test hardware at the moment, so our ability to reliably test VOD is still lacking. We hope to make some significant strides in improving our test hardware in the coming weeks.


Joined: 2009-02-25

I have several VOD servers in house (Sea Change, Conccurent). If they support the vod:// locator would it be possible to play VOD through the RI using the HDHR? Is there some configuration in the RI that let's me point to the VOD server or is that information in the vod:// locator?
Is there any documentation on how this is expected to work? Is there documentation on the vod:// format or is it VOD server dependent?
I see the documentation there are several ways to play out VOD content. Do these play out on the RI video device when called?
I recall with the TVWorks api it was necessary to call the VOD server to start the video then do a select on a specific frequency using a locator where the video played out.