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Please review my fix for CR 6658227

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6658227 "Memory leaks: Harness doesn't release objects properly when working with a single-instance TestSuite"

1. Start the tool. Create a work directory based (on an template), create configuration. Close the tool.
2. Start the tool (optionally - with -newDesktop option).
3. File/Open . Wait until all tests are read.
4. Now do a File/Create WD. You'll be asked if you want to close current instance and open a new one instead - answer yes. Fill necessary entries, press Create. Wait until all tests are read.
5. Repeat 4) 2-3 times.
6. Note strong increase of the memory consumption in the profiler. Take a snapshot. See number of TestResult and TestDescription objects - it will be approximately (N-1)*NumberOfTests where N is number of CreateWD action you've done in 5).

So the problem:
- if TestSuite permits only one instance to be opened in the Harness
- and user is doing consecutive File/CreateWD operations
- then TestResult/TestDescription objects from the previous instances of TestSuite are NOT released and held by the Harness.
Please review my fix , see
I'm not 100% sure that I fixed ALL memory leaks but at least all related with WorkDirChooseTool


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Integrated. Please keep looking for leaks though, so we can be confident that leaks are mostly plugged.