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Taking pictures without authorization

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My J2ME application do some actions that seem to violate
J2ME security policy:

- taking pictures
- sending messages

The problem is that each time it try to do it, it requests user's confirmation:
1. "Allow application to take pictures with camera?" Yes/No
2. "Allow sending?" Yes/No.

Is there some workaround to avoid these annoying messages.

I searched in internet. The infos I found are a little bit confused. Some "old" suggestions (year 2003) say that one must sign application to avoid user confirmation. Such signature implicates purchasing a certificate for about 200$ per year.

Other say that problem can be resolved by adding some options in API Permission feature of application descriptor (.jad file).
I tried last aproach, but due to the fact that explication were not clear, deploying of application failed.

I would be grateful for anybody who explain me how to workaround this security problem, or give me a link where this subject is clearly explained.

Thanks in advance,


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BTW what Java platform (device) are you using?


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the best way to solve this is by signing your application. But if you are doing a project at home, this is not a viable solution. On the other hand if you are doing a commercial application, you might afford a certificate.

Another solution, as you mentioned, is that you use the MIDlet permissions attributes. However there might be some problem in your particular implementation. But you could double check that you have used the correct attributes. What attributes did you use?

Another solution is that you check your settings in your phone. Some phones, like Sony Ericsson, has the possible to set your security permissions on each application after it is installed.