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Web-JDK seeks to breath new life into Live Connect

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Joined: 2009-05-04

Well, after several years of studying the problem, finding no solutions and hearing lots of requests I decided to tackle the effort of making Live Connect useful enough to do real development tasks. For more info please checkout the web-jdk project (

I think the effort has the potential to solve a lot of problems in one effort and I am currently seeking funding, co-developers and feedback.

In brief:

The key features of web-jdk are:

An applet with a socket connection that lets you program the HTML DOM in any browser using your favorite IDE. Current testing has allowed me to debug the JDK implementation of the W3C DOM completely in my IDE - very fast development compared to working in an applet plus it lets you run JUnit - with real browsers!!

Since we can now work on the DOM so rapidly, it's possible to special case each method as needed so that they behave in the same way regardless of the attached browser. For example, Firefox and Opera return "" if the id attribute is undefined, while explorer returns null. Web-JDK returns "" for all so you don't have to write special case code. In cases where methods can't be made compatible, I have been marking them as @Deprecated @Unsupported so that it's obvious the methods should be avoided.The Deprecated Annotation (while not correct) makes the IDE display the methods in Strike Through while the @Unsupported clarifies that it's not really Deprecated.

If this effort gets good support from the community, or I get funding to complete it, it has the potential to produce a FAST performing, FAST to develop, robust, secure, web development environment that is truly browser independent.

Looking forward to your feedback and comments,
Bob Tipton

Shameless plug: My primary desire is to get funding to take this effort all the way to completion, in the interim I am available for contract and full time employment.