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data from one class to another ??

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I have a problem with my program :

I use a class "public class panel extends JPanel" to create the interface (menu, tree and so on).

In this class I use an other class "1" to define the file (Kmlfile), and then I use an other class "2" to read the file. => public class 1 extends 2
When I read the file I save the data (wich are in the kmlfile) in an array (String[]).

And I need this data in my class panel to do the interface.

I don't know how I can have the data in the class panel wich is not implents or extends with the class 1.

Can you help me.

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Joined: 2009-04-15

I'm not sure that I understand your question, so let me rephrase it the way i read it.

You want your data in class "1" to be visible in class "panel"?

In that case, just add class "1" as a variable in your panel class and then have some kind of getter implemented in class "1" for accessing your String array.

public class panel extends JPanel {
private Class1 class1;

public void someMethodThatAccessesClass1Data() {
String[] dataFromClass1 = this.class1.getData();

and then in Class1 have the following method.

public String[] getData() {
return this.kmlFileData; // assuming that kmlFileData is a variable in the class.

I hope it helps.