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Mobicents JAIN SLEE 2.0.0.BETA1 released!!

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Joined: 2005-10-10

We are happy to announce Mobicents JAIN-SLEE 2.0.0.BETA1, the first
beta of the second generation Mobicents JAIN SLEE container,
compliant with JAIN SLEE 1.1 specification, and built on top of JBoss AS 5.x.

More information about Mobicents JAIN SLEE 2.x and its development
status can be found at

This release includes JBoss AS 5.1.0.GA.

At this stage any feedback is priceless, give it a try and let us know
how it is, it should be already
pretty stable, and performance is already better than 1.2 series.

This is just the beginning :-)

What is included in this release:
* Core JAIN SLEE compliant with JAIN SLEE 1.1
* Resource adaptors: SIP RA complaint with JAIN SLEE 1.1 specs
* Educational examples: SIP Services, SIP Wake Up
* Sources zip for debug purposes

SVN sources and tag:

Download URL:

How to start:
Simply extract the content of the binary release zip, make sure there
is no JBOSS_HOME environment variable
set (or it is pointing to the jboss-5.1.0.GA directory extracted) and
start the container as usual, through
startup scripts in jboss-5.1.0.GA/bin. More information in the
readme.txt file contained in the zip file, such as how to
deploy/undeploy the SIP RA or the included examples.

Digg it:

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Joined: 2006-11-13

Hi there,
I am new to Mobicents and I want to try it but when I deploy the sip11 resource it doesn't work.
JBoss started without errors and I kept to the readme.txt. Ant deployment copies the file but in the jboss console I get this error message:

12:39:36,276 WARN [DeployableUnit] The deployable unit 'sip11-ra-DU-2.0.0.BETA1.jar' contains components that are already deployed. The following are already installed:
12:39:36,276 WARN [DeployableUnit] - EventTypeID[name=javax.sip.message.Response.TRYING,,version=1.2]
12:39:36,276 WARN [DeployableUnit] - EventTypeID[name=javax.sip.message.Response.PROVISIONAL,,version=1.2]
12:39:36,276 WARN [DeployableUnit] - EventTypeID[name=javax.sip.message.Response.SUCCESS,,version=1.2]
12:39:36,277 WARN [DeployableUnit] - EventTypeID[name=javax.sip.message.Response.REDIRECT,,version=1.2]
12:39:36,277 WARN [DeployableUnit] - EventTypeID[name=javax.sip.message.Response.CLIENT_ERROR,,version=1.2]
12:39:36,277 WARN [DeployableUnit] - EventTypeID[name=javax.sip.message.Response.SERVER_ERROR,,version=1.2]
12:39:36,277 WARN [DeployableUnit] - EventTypeID[name=javax.sip.message.Response.GLOBAL_FAILURE,,version=1.2]
12:39:36,277 WARN [DeployableUnit] - EventTypeID[name=javax.sip.message.Request.INVITE,,version=1.2]
12:39:36,277 WARN [DeployableUnit] - EventTypeID[name=javax.sip.message.Request.ACK,,version=1.2]
12:39:36,277 WARN [DeployableUnit] - EventTypeID[name=javax.sip.message.Request.CANCEL,,version=1.2]
12:39:36,277 WARN [DeployableUnit] - EventTypeID[name=javax.sip.message.Request.BYE,,version=1.2]
12:39:36,277 WARN [DeployableUnit] - EventTypeID[name=javax.sip.message.Request.OPTIONS,,version=1.2]
12:39:36,277 WARN [DeployableUnit] - EventTypeID[name=javax.sip.message.Request.REGISTER,,version=1.2]
12:39:36,278 WARN [DeployableUnit] - EventTypeID[name=javax.sip.message.Request.INFO,,version=1.2]
12:39:36,278 WARN [DeployableUnit] - EventTypeID[name=javax.sip.message.Request.PRACK,,version=1.2]
12:39:36,278 WARN [DeployableUnit] - EventTypeID[name=javax.sip.message.Request.UPDATE,,version=1.2]
12:39:36,278 WARN [DeployableUnit] - EventTypeID[name=javax.sip.message.Request.MESSAGE,,version=1.2]
12:39:36,278 WARN [DeployableUnit] - EventTypeID[name=javax.sip.message.Request.SUBSCRIBE,,version=1.2]
12:39:36,278 WARN [DeployableUnit] - EventTypeID[name=javax.sip.message.Request.NOTIFY,,version=1.2]
12:39:36,278 WARN [DeployableUnit] - EventTypeID[name=javax.sip.message.Request.REFER,,version=1.2]
12:39:36,278 WARN [DeployableUnit] - EventTypeID[name=javax.sip.message.Request.PUBLISH,,version=1.2]
12:39:36,278 WARN [DeployableUnit] - EventTypeID[name=javax.sip.message.Request.SIP_EXTENSION,,version=1.2]
12:39:36,278 WARN [DeployableUnit] - EventTypeID[name=javax.sip.Timeout.TRANSACTION,,version=1.2]
12:39:36,278 WARN [DeployableUnit] - EventTypeID[name=javax.sip.Dialog.INVITE,,version=1.2]
12:39:36,279 WARN [DeployableUnit] - EventTypeID[name=javax.sip.Dialog.ACK,,version=1.2]
12:39:36,279 WARN [DeployableUnit] - EventTypeID[name=javax.sip.Dialog.BYE,,version=1.2]
12:39:36,279 WARN [DeployableUnit] - EventTypeID[name=javax.sip.Dialog.OPTIONS,,version=1.2]
12:39:36,279 WARN [DeployableUnit] - EventTypeID[name=javax.sip.Dialog.REGISTER,,version=1.2]
12:39:36,279 WARN [DeployableUnit] - EventTypeID[name=javax.sip.Dialog.INFO,,version=1.2]
12:39:36,279 WARN [DeployableUnit] - EventTypeID[name=javax.sip.Dialog.PRACK,,version=1.2]
12:39:36,279 WARN [DeployableUnit] - EventTypeID[name=javax.sip.Dialog.UPDATE,,version=1.2]
12:39:36,279 WARN [DeployableUnit] - EventTypeID[name=javax.sip.Dialog.MESSAGE,,version=1.2]
12:39:36,279 WARN [DeployableUnit] - EventTypeID[name=javax.sip.Dialog.SUBSCRIBE,,version=1.2]
12:39:36,279 WARN [DeployableUnit] - EventTypeID[name=javax.sip.Dialog.NOTIFY,,version=1.2]
12:39:36,279 WARN [DeployableUnit] - EventTypeID[name=javax.sip.Dialog.REFER,,version=1.2]
12:39:36,280 WARN [DeployableUnit] - EventTypeID[name=javax.sip.Dialog.PUBLISH,,version=1.2]
12:39:36,280 WARN [DeployableUnit] - EventTypeID[name=javax.sip.Dialog.SIP_EXTENSION,,version=1.2]
12:39:36,280 WARN [DeployableUnit] - EventTypeID[name=javax.sip.Dialog.FORKED,,version=1.2]
12:39:36,280 WARN [DeployableUnit] - EventTypeID[name=javax.sip.Timeout.Dialog,,version=1.2]
12:39:36,280 WARN [DeployableUnit] - ResourceAdaptorTypeID[name=JAIN SIP,vendor=javax.sip,version=1.2]
12:39:36,280 WARN [DeployableUnit] - ResourceAdaptorID[name=JainSipResourceAdaptor,,version=1.2]
12:39:36,280 WARN [DeployableUnit] - LibraryID[name=jain-sip,vendor=javax.sip,version=1.2]
12:39:36,280 WARN [DeploymentManager] Unable to INSTALL sip11-ra-DU-2.0.0.BETA1.jar right now. Waiting for dependencies to be resolved.

Any hints about what I am doing wrong?


Joined: 2005-10-10

Can you please paste the console log till those messages, since the server start?

Joined: 2006-11-13

No need anymore. I found out what was wrong.
Seems like something breaks when the sip11-ra-DU-2.0.0.BETA1.jar is being undeployed and then redeployed. But exactly this happens when I first deploy sip11 and then after that deploy-all at the example.
Or you can see the issue when you just deploy, undeploy and then again deploy sip11 resource. The second deployment will fail with the message that several components are already installed.

It all works when you start the plain vanilla server and then just deploy only one example without deploying the sip11 resource first.


Joined: 2005-10-19

Yes, indeed. The JAIN SLEE Deployer does not behave very well when overwriting the DU, since the undeploy may not finish in time, and when deploy starts the components are still present.

Something to be improved in the next version :)

Alexandre Mendonca
JBoss R&D