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Please review my fix for CR 6605583

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Here is the problem description:
Javatest has a dialog that user can use to see contents of the Exclude List. It's accessible from View->Configuration->ShowExcludeList.

The caption of the dialog is changed according to the number of ExcludeList files, set in the Interview. For example:
- "No Exclude List Specified"
- "Exclude List: "
- "Exclude List: [N files]"

The problem is that Exclude List may be set without having any files set in the Interview. For example some test productes can override the com.sun.javatest.InterviewParamaters.getExcludeList() method in order to "hiddenly" specify exclude list.
As a result we have following user experience:
- no files are specified in Interview
- user opens View->Configuration->ShowExcludeList
- Dialog has caption "No Exclude List Specified"
- BUT it features some excluded tests.

Request: CAPTION of the ExcludedTests dialog should be user-friendly in such a way. I suggest to remove filenames at all. From this point of view it should only show the number of excluded tests. For example: "Excluded Tests: NN"

So please review my fix

Thank you,

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Looks good, pls, integrate.

Joined: 2006-10-18

Thanks, integreated