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New Version of Java Platform (JP-8.5)

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Sony Ericsson just posted this announcement about new release (JP-8.5)

Dear JavaME Community,

We are about to release our latest version of our Java Platform (JP-8.5) for our proprietary phone OS Platform (OSE).

You can determine the JP-* platform release of your Sony Ericsson device by extracting the system property:

The new JP-8.5 products are Yari and Aino (please see our phone database for full details).

Within this JP-8.5 release we have improved some of our file-system structures and this means that some of the root paths are different from that in JP-8.4.
We highly recommend that in order to ensure you do not need to worry about this change and possible future changes you utilise the that point to file locations. These are documented in our JavaME Developer Guide which is available from this website in the Documentation section.

The system properties that can be used to extract file-system default locations, these properties are listed on page 88 of the latest Developer Guide.
Thank you for reading this and we welcome your feedback.

Kind Regards,
Sony Ericsson Developer Support

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Thanks for the info. Will JP 8.5 be available to existing devices (such as C905 or G705, etc) via software update?


-- Terrence

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As far as I know, Sony Ericsson does only release patches to their existing phones. The JP is tied to the actual model.

Please correct me if I am wrong.