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Lead Manager - Mobile Application from Intuit

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Joined: 2009-08-03

We, engineers at INTUIT have developed a mobile based Lead Manager in J2ME.

Free to download!!!

Check out this for more details,

Mobile based Lead Management System

A tool for Sales Representatives to capture Leads and convert them to Deals.

* Manage your Sales Leads easily now on your cell phone.
* Get a Unified console to manage Reminders/Notifications/To-Do(s) in your cell phone calendar.
* Add Reminders & To-Do(s) with Priority

Lead Manager Version 1.0


* Supports categorization of your Leads based on their Status (New/Working/Won/Lost) and/or Priority (Hot/Medium/Low)
* Send SMS messages to your Leads, or call your Leads from within the application itself. No need to save the contacts in your cell phone Phonebook separately
* Graphical Reports depicting the Leads in your system, based on their Status and Priority
* Option to integrate the application Reminders and To-Do(s) with the cell phone Calendar
* Multi-language support (English/French/Hindi)
* View To-Do(s) based on date, i.e. Today’s/Tomorrow’s/Future To-Do(s)
* Option for customization using different Themes