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"Minimun version must be: 2.3"

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Joined: 2008-02-19

I'm trying to install the Database BC component in the Glassfish 2.1 with no success.
I'm using Glassfish 2.1, and downloaded the last stable jar file for the componet, but when running it I receive the following message:

"Found an older jbi runtime version 2.2.1. Minimu version must be: 2.3"

The component is not available at the Updatecenter, there is no update available.

So, the questions, are:
- Where can I find the 2.3 version?
- How can I update the jbi version to the 2.3?
- Is there a Database BC for the Netbeans supplied Glassfish (version 2.1)? Where can I find it?

Thanks in advance,