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Anybody using GrinXlet?

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Joined: 2006-11-08

Hi -

This is a question for those of you who uses GRIN scene graph.

Are you utilizing GrinXlet and it's project setup, available at /xlets/GrinXlet ?

While you can definitely use GRIN by loading and starting your show file in your xlet, GrinXlet provides a very convenient mechanism to look at the debug log, work with GrinViewer, and a quick way to start up a GRIN based xlet project in general. We've been using it heavily ever since Bill introduced it to the repository late last year. (See the xlets/GrinXlet/README.txt for more complete explanation).

There's a question now about expanding GrinXlet to support loading and managing of multiple show files. Bill and I believe it's in the right direction, but wondering about the use case of GrinXlet out there... If GrinXlet is turning out to something useful to jump-start your project, perhaps it makes sense to have additional, more advanced features into a subclass of GrinXlet and leave the GrinXlet to work with single show, and be simple and easy to understand.


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Joined: 2008-07-31

Hello Chihiro,

I was actually hoping to use GrinXlet in my own projects, but I've found it difficult to get up and running outside of the SimpleGame template project. Are there any instructions on setting up a boiler plate project using GrinXlet?

Thank you!

Joined: 2006-11-08

Hi Matt,

Sorry for the delay.

Some of the sample projects that use GrinXlet in hdcookbook that come to my mind are:

- xlets/grin_samples/BouncingReddy
- xlets/tests/functional/Playground
- all the projects under xlet/demos

It sounds like the README.txt under GrinXlet dir wasn't enough for you to get things going. May I ask what has been troublesome for you, so we can possibly fix it?

In general, all you should have to do is to copy the entire SimpleGame directory (currently at trunk/xlets/grin_samples/SimpleGame). Then in the copied SimpleGame, update file's top two variables (cookbook.dir and bdj.classes). That should let you compile and run the Cube game regardless of where the copy of your SimpleGame resides in your directory structure.

After that, you'll probably start changing xlet class name, show name, add more classes, etc. Make sure to update the corresponding value in whenever you change the names. Also, bd-j specific classes go to xlet_src dir, while the classes that work on both jdk and bd-j goes to src dir. Whenever you introduce a class to xlet_src, it's a good idea to have a similar class to se_src dir, so that GrinViewer run wouldn't die. Or just empty classes only to make things compile.

I hope this helps,

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I'm using it for some experimentation. Seems to work for me, but only after I've made some customizations for my environment. It's a nice example of how to load up show files.

Joined: 2009-06-09

I would agree that it is better to add any future development to a subclass and leave GrinXlet as is.